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Following the SARS epidemic in 2003, 93.5% of frontline medical staff experienced trauma as a result of dealing with the outbreak.  The UK government and the British Psychological Society have already stated that front line medical staff, which are exposed to an increased loss of patients, colleagues, as well as the increased risk of contracting COVID-19 themselves, run the risk of developing anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), running the risk of a future mental health crisis and a generation of burnt out health and care workers.

Why Surf Therapy?

Research carried out in the UK and the USA with combat veterans suffering from PTSD has shown that surfing or surf therapy was the one activity that enabled the participants to push PTSD into the background and experience a respite from suffering.  The surf therapy worked best when given as a structured block of sessions, which in turn gave the participants something concrete to look forward to.

Once social distancing measures come to an end, and we can enjoy the sea again, Surf Therapy CIC, supported by Progress Surf School, want NHS staff and care workers to benefit from surf therapy by providing a structured surf therapy course at no cost to the participants.  We are based on Gower, South Wales, but the surf therapy sessions are open to NHS staff and carers nationwide.

Please Support our #SurfTherapyforNHS campaign.

A 4-week surf therapy course will cost £100 per participant.  We would like your help to raise enough funding so that we can help as many NHS and care workers as possible.  Once the initial surf therapy course has been completed, the members can still attend the free weekly surf club sessions to maintain the physical and mental wellbeing benefits of surfing.

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