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Surf Therapy is a not for profit Community Interest Company.  Formed in 2019 our mission is to provide ‘surf therapy’ for men suffering with depression, anxiety, stress and other mental health issues.  We are proud to be working towards becoming a full member of the International Surf Therapy Organisation (ISTO).  Formed in Cape Town, South Africa, ISTO now has over 30 members worldwide, each using surfing for social good.  Research continues to provide evidence that surfing as a therapy and getting in the sea with friends makes a measurable difference to people’s mental health.


We work closely with local communities, businesses, volunteers and surfers to help men in need experience the physical health benefits of surfing and also the calming and therapeutic effects of the ocean.

As well as the formal surf therapy course, we also run a weekly 'surf club' for men to attend.  If the conditions are flat we will still meet for a beach walk and an informal beach clean.


Government statistics show that suicide is the biggest killer of men under the age of 45 in the UK. As well as the physical health benefits of surf therapy, we also provide a community for men to be part of.  


Research shows men’s social connections can wane over time and social isolation is a growing problem, especially for men over 30, while men are much less likely than women to feel comfortable when a man they know opens up to them.  

“Friendships are incredibly important for mental health, providing social support, connection and community.........celebrating male friendship, and encouraging these to be lifelong, deserving of time, celebration and investment. It is so much better to keep these relationships going in good times, even when Netflix beckons, because it can be super hard to reach out to people one has lost contact with when times are tough.”

Dr Jay Watts, a Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist


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